Apart from Kristina’s 25 years experience of teaching dance, Kristina is also a qualified yoga instructor and has been a yoga devotee for nearly 18 years. She credits her regular weekly yoga exercises during her professional and TV career which kept her away from injuries. She truly believes that there is a yoga style for everyone and her unique bespoke classes are designed to meet your individual needs.

Kristina combined her wealth of knowledge in dance training and yoga practice to create the most unique body workouts which will benefit every need and fitness desire.
During her yoga teacher training Kristina studied various types of yoga such as Hot Yoga , Ashtanga Yoga , Partner Yoga , Hatha Yoga , Anusara Yoga , Vinyasa Yoga , Yoga Nidra combined with anatomy, physiology, nutrition and wellbeing.

You will not only get a personalised training but also valuable information on any subject leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Kristina is available for private group and corporate yoga classes. To book a class please click here.


Yogini Dance
Yogini Dance is designed specifically for women wanting to get back into shape after pregnancy and also for those who want to tone their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. This unique combination of yoga and dance exercises will achieve a beautiful flat tummy.

This carefully thought out programme will benefit a women’s body giving strength to those vital muscles and create a strong core. Kristina used these exercises to get in shape after she had a baby, this is why she is so passionate to share this knowledge with other women.

Private lessons are tailored to specific individual needs and fitness goals.

Yoga Bodyfit
No generic group class will get you to your fitness target as quick as you want, Yoga Body fit private lessons is designed exclusively to help achieve your target faster.

Whether you want to tone your legs , hips, arms or tummy, this tailor- made private class is going to meet your needs.

A bespoke class that will help you reach your individual goals and ambitions. Kristina has carefully chosen specific yoga and dance poses in combination with body weight exercises will target those areas of concern to create your perfect body.

Dancing Yogies
Dancing Yogies is a fun challenging and unique class designed by Kristina where yoga poses are linked together as a dance routine.

This is similar to Vinyasa but with a wider range of movements and poses to create a lean physic, improve your posture and sculpt muscles.

Taught to music this class is a great way to start your yoga experience or go further in your yoga practice. Dancing Yogies is a full body workout which will work every muscles in your body.

Group and private lessons are tailored to individual needs and fitness goals.