My favourite red carpet outfits

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Hello all!

This week I will be talking about my favourite red carpet outfits and a brand called Siberian chic which took me by surprise!!

Over the years, I have been invited to loads of fantastic red carpet events. Some of them have been televised and most of them have had loads of photographers ! So I am always under pressure to look my best and find the right dress which is red carpet worthy and something which I will look good in!!

I am petite, about 5’2 in height and have a hourglass body type.I am always trying to look slimmer and taller. The cameras are very unforgiving and TV adds at least 10 pounds!!
The first thing I hear when people meet me in person is – you are so much smaller/slimmer in real life ! Lol

Well, that is why I often go for black or dark colours as they always make you look skinnier optically and I always wear very high heels which makes me look taller!!!

For many years I have being wearing dresses to red carpets and events created by Pia Michi

The lady who owns the brand has became a good friend of mine over the years ! She loves that I’m staying loyal to her brand ! I’m just a fan nothing more but I honestly love the dresses and always try to spread a good word for her brand!


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The brand specialises in prom dresses ,events and red carpet dresses ! They have a large variety of cocktail dresses (knee length) and black tie dresses (full length).
Because I am petite, l sometimes have to adjust the length on long dresses but the cocktail dresses always fit me perfectly !!
So, check it out and I hope you can find a wonderful dress for any occasion you have !
A week ago I stumbled upon a very interesting brand called Siberian chic

The name of course caught my eye as I’m from Russia and was born on the Siberian side !! I was just passing by a big display of shoes and saw the most amazing stylish winter boots!!! I am addicted to sheep skin boots as they are so warm and comfortable! But, Siberian chic isn’t not just comfortable but also very fashionable at the same time ! The brand has many beautiful styles and the boots look very modern and chic ! I was actually going to buy a pair as a Christmas present for my mum but I ended up buying a pair for myself first instead!

I am so fascinated by the brand and its Russian origin that I contacted the owner who was so very nice ! I explained that I have my own blog and she kindly offered me a special code for 10% off for all my readers.

So here it is everyone : SCKR10

Maybe you would like to have a bit of Russian luxury in your closet this winter !!

Thank you for reading my blog !!

Have a great week everyone and send me your questions!!

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On November 5, 2015

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