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My Fashion secret weapon

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Hello Everyone!

This week I will be sharing my Fashion secret weapon.

But, before I start I would like to answer a reader question.

From Janet Martin

Hi Kristina, when you are not working but going out for the evening which make up do you use ?
Thank you Janet x

Dear Janet ! Thank you for your question.

Years ago, my incredible make up artist from “Strictly Come Dancing” Marcos Gurgel advised me to use MAC cosmetics and now I absolutely love and swear by their products.

When I have an event or if I am going out with a friend I tend to play with a lot of different colours!! MAC has a massive variety of colours for the lips, eyes and cheeks !!! I really like the quality of MAC products and you get value for your money !!

People have often asked me which products I use for my dance shows as the make up has to stay on for many hours!

Once again, I would recommend MAC, it is the perfect choice for no smudge make up. I absolutely love their MAC Micronized Airbrushed Formula, I use this as a base and then I use MAC Mineralised Powder which gives a wonderful perfect finish. The combination of these two products is brilliant for a night out or my performances. It does not run when I sweat and stays on for many hours.

I also love the MAC lip gloss collection !! My absolute favourite is the Pink Lemonade colour. All of the girls on Strictly love it as well ! This lip gloss can adjust colour depending on the liner. You can apply it and get a different colour with a very light natural or with bright red lip liner! I am absolutely obsessed with this colour!

Now let’s talk FASHION !!

People often ask me where I get my outfits and accessories from. Like everybody, I tend to shop around but with my hectic dance schedule I don’t always have a great deal of time to go to the shops.

Recently, I came across an amazing new website called, It is the perfect place for finding fantastic items from top designers at affordable prices.

Luxury retailer is a bit of a secret pleasure as it is a members only website – it is free to join and it has frequent flash sales with amazing discounts on brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

I could not control my shopping urge and ended with a lovely handbag from Cocosa and I just love it, it is just the handbag I need for the Christmas party season!

I am very pleased with their service and the quality of products, I will probably end up doing most of my Christmas shopping with Cocosa !!!

Thank you for reading my blog and please send me your questions !!

Love as always,


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On October 30, 2015

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