Let’s talk about make up for the party & festive season!

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Let’s talk about make up for the party & festive season!! I am often asked about the easiest steps to transform your daily make up into a glamorous evening or party make up.

My first step is to try the fake eyelashes. Nowadays there is a massive variety of different shapes and volumes of fake eyelashes ! My favourite brand is Eylure eyelashes http://www.eylure.com/ First of all if you invest into a pair which is about £5-£6 you can definitely reuse them at least 2 or even 3 times!!!

I am a massive fan of pre-glued eyelashes! The strip has a sticky gel like band and they are the easiest to apply. But of course for dance shows, photo shoots and more dramatic evening look I use fuller fake lashes and there is a special glue which usually comes with the box of eyelashes you buy.

First tip when you apply fake eyelashes – don’t put any mascara to your own eyelashes as it makes your own lashes a bit stiff and curly so it makes it much harder to stick the fake ones on top. Once you have applied the fake eyelashes you can use your normal mascara all over and it will blend the fake eyelashes with your natural ones creating a very dramatic but at the same time very natural look.

Second tip- apply the eye shadows and glitter first before applying the fake lashes. Some of the eye shadows tend to drop a little and the same goes for glitter. It is best to complete your eye make up and clean under eye area with a wet wipe then apply your eyelashes. That way you will not have any glitter or eye shadows on the back of your lashes.

Third tip – apply your liquid eye liner or pencil eye liner AFTER you have glued your fake eyelashes. That way the eye liner will blend the eyelashes band and will create a much cleaner and neater look.

Now, how we actually apply the fake eyelashes :

First of all take the lashes out of the box and put them on without glueing them. Take a look if the width and the length of the lashes suits your eye. Cut the lashes if needed. You don’t want the fake lashes overpower your eye or hang off your lashes too much. The fake lashes should enhance your eyes beauty.

Apply glue on the eyelashes band. Don’t use too much. The glue is very strong and you need just a little bit of it. To apply the glue use the back on any make up brush in your possession. Use the thinnest brush. If you put too much glue it will take longer to dry and will go over your own lashes and eye make up. Let the glue dry for about 30 seconds. Keep looking in the mirror with one eye and close the other one. Set the fake lashes as close as possible to your natural rim of your own eyelashes. With the back of the same brush you used to apply the glue gently press the eyelash band against your own lashes to make sure the corners of the fake lashes are glued on properly. Remove all excess glue don’t leave it on the eyelash band. Let the glue dry properly for about 2-3 min then apply mascara.

Then repeat the same thing with the other eye!!! Good luck !!!

The other great way to glam up your make up is to use glitter !! You must be careful with it but if you master the application it creates a fantastic party look !!

The best tip for applying the glitter is to use very creamy greasy eye liners or eye shadows. That way the glitter sticks to the eye shadows very well and doesn’t drop all over your face. Try the combinations first on your hand. I usually use my fingertips and apply a creamy eye shadows on my hand then pat the glitter on top to see how well it will sit together and whether I like the combination of colours. Even if it gets a little messy at first it’s much easier to remove stuff from your hand than from your eye!!

Now another great idea for amazing Christmas presents! My friend is the owner of a Wonderful Busness http://www.lulusboutiquedesigns.com/ You can order a great bag and personalise it with any name , design and colours !! I absolutely love my Kristina bag and I use it every single day to carry on my rehearsals wear and other things ! The bag is very durable too !! I have being using mine for 3 years now !

kristina festive shopping

You can order the bags on line and customise them to your liking !! I think the bags make a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas present!!

Thank you for reading my blog and please send me your questions !! Love , Kristina

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