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Food intolerance and nutrition

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Hello everyone!

This week I will be answering a question from one of my readers and I will be talking in depth about food intolerance and nutrition !!

From: Julie Swindell

Hi Kristina,

I continually get spots & blemishes on my chin area & I find they sometimes scar. I have normal but sensitive skin. What products would you recommend for me to use to combat this problem.

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your question!

99% of skin conditions are dependent on diet. Everything we put in our body has a direct reaction on our skin. In the past I have also struggled a bit with blemishes and have tried so many different creams and serums !! I must have spent a fortune on them !! Nothing really worked right away but eventually the blemishes started disapperaing. That happened because when I was very particular about my diet and what I eat.

A few years ago, I was working at the West End doing 8 shows a week. It was a very intense dance show but it definitely helped me be in great shape. However, I always felt unwell, run down and my skin was in bad shape too. I thought it might be the make up and constant sweating. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so bad and unwell. I was exercising more then ever and I ate all the foods I consider to be good for me. But it got the point I couldn’t carry on like this anymore. My GP recommended that I do a blood test for food intolerance.

I thought she was talking about food allergies which I don’t have but she explained that this was a different kind of test.

The difference between an allergy and intolerance is that an allergy is an almost immediate reaction with anaphylaxis shock, to say a peanut allergy being at the extreme end. The the other end would be, say your lip swelling after eating cherries.

Intolerances on the other hand are characterised by a delayed response which will normally be a few hours but in some rare cases can take for up to a week. Various studies have shown that allergies only affect about 3% of the population whilst food intolerances can affect 40% of the population at some time in their life.

Food allergens are normally pretty obvious and easy to identify for a skilled practitioner. The most common food intolerance symptoms are :

– Fatigue
– Fluid retention
– Eczema and other skin disorders
– Asthma
– Migraines

Food intolerance can often arise because a person’s digestive system has been compromised through poor diet, excess stress, infections, or antibiotic use.

However, if you constantly feel unwell even with a “good diet ” or have a skin condition which isn’t going away it’s smart to do the test.

I had to wait for 3 week for the test to come back. I received it eventually with a 4 page spread on 200 different types of food. Everything from grains, meats to vegetable and spaces. I was shocked to find out that I’m completely intolerant to all dairy products including cheese. But the biggest surprise was that the foods I ate daily thinking that they are healthy choices for me were the worst on my chart- chicken , eggs, pork, apples, tomatoes, bananas and many more other food items.

Over the years, I overloaded my body with these foods to the point where they were irritating my digestive system. It created acid and alcohol in my stomach. My liver and kidney worked overtime to get rid of these toxins but meanwhile it was effecting my weak organs like kidney, throat and skin.

I eliminated those food items to the best possible extent and re balanced my body with all the right products. The result was fantastic!! I lost a lot of weight ( which wasn’t my main concern but it was great ) my skin cleared completely and I stopped having kidney problems !! I felt so light and my energy level increased amazingly ! I didn’t need coffee in the morning to drag myself out of the bed in the morning.

I can’t say it works for everyone but all my friends who did the same test had a similar reaction ! The test isn’t cheap but it is the best investment I made into my health and well-being in my whole life !

I can’t recommend a skin care which will help your skin condition as I am not using anything at the moment myself so it would be wrong of me to suggest a product. But I can say that it might be worth getting the blood test to check your food intolerance and perhaps allergies if you haven’t done that one already.

Massive good luck !!

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Thank you for your questions and have a great weekend !! K

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