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If you have a passion for dance then professional dancer and choreographer Kristina Rihanoff will be no stranger to you. Kristina is a world champion ballroom dancer and 8 year veteran and previous winner on the BBC’s top entertainment show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Her extensive experience, natural flair, exceptional teaching abilities and stylish, graceful choreography can now benefit you as her varied and flexible professional dance services include bespoke wedding dance choreography.

Based out of her professional dance studio in central London, Kristina can be your personal wedding dance teacher. She will help you and your partner prepare for your big day and make an impact with your first wedding dance. Within 1-3 lessons you’ll be fabulously wowing all your wedding guests with glamorous, beautiful, elegant dancing.

With Kristina’s exclusive wedding dance choreography, you can make sure you have a first dance that you, your family and friends will never forget.

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If you want to understand more about first dance choreography please read Kristina’s article in Bridebook or read The Ebury Collection’s blog post.


“When I got married to my now husband Ben Lunt in 2014 we knew we wanted to do something a bit special (and fun!) after to wake up the guests after the speeches. I am a massive Strictly fan but have the coordination of an ox so I had serious doubts about whether even a pro like Kristina Rhianoff would be able to do anything with the pair of us – but I was wrong! Not only did she help us master the moves in a really short space of time (we did it in 2 hours!) but she was patient .. especially with Ben and his rubbish jokes.. and absolutely lovely. If she could turn us into something mildly graceful I reckon she could train a chimp to look like Fred Astaire!”

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Lucie Cave
Editor in chief – heat (mag, online, radio)

A lesson with Kristina is a masterclass in dance. Jill and I started from nothing three years ago with a one to one lesson with Kristina. We joined a local Latin & Ballroom dance school to learn the steps and have continued with one to one lessons with Kristina whenever she is available. Her expert eye misses nothing. Our technique and confidence have improved significantly. Kristina’s lessons are both fun and rewarding and our passion for dance has grown as a result. Thank you Kristina, for your patience, your guidance and your support.

Malcolm & Jill

I can’t begin to praise or recommend lessons with Kristina enough! I’ve been fortunate to have had a few lessons now with Kristina, which have been a real source of delight. Because of her technical training, her professional dance career, her knowledge of multiple styles and her extensive teaching experience including her time on Strictly, Kristina is able to breakdown the steps and explain and demonstrate in multiple simple terms so that You are able to understand, when you add this to Kristina’s infinite patience, you have a winning combination. I’ve been dancing on and off for 30 years but can honestly say I learned more in one lesson with Kristina than in all my other lessons together!

David Workmann

“We always have fantastic lessons with Kristina, a mix of top class technique and choreography. Over several years having had private lessons and attended group workshops, Kristina has been inspirational to our ballroom and Latin American dancing. Thoroughly recommended.”

Andy & Charlotte